All About Me

Fairytown, Bubbleland
Hi my name is Sprite! I have a mom, a dad, and a family. I have a bunch of pets almost 50 in couting oh yeah. Who's awesome...ME! I love to make people laugh even if it is by force! Opps you weren't supposed to know that! Oh well that's me for ya!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi its me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok well now remember one of the first posts I ever posted? of course you do! well I'm over all of those guys! Cause this chick right here has a bofriend!!!!! Time for my random moment!

PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum pumpikn pie! Did you know you make pumpkin pie out of pumpkins?! I never knew that!!! Oh yeah and if you spell it like 'pupkin pie' then I bet it would be made out of puppies!!!!!! POOR PUPPIES!!!!!!!!! Did you know that one christmas I asked for a puppy?! Is Santa Claus real? If you say 'Santa Pie' on a menu then will santa appear on your plate??? The world may never know!!!! Well you have just witnessed another awesomeness random moment with Sprite!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Thang

Im gonna make this new thing called a moment with Sprite where im gonna post something comepletely random and then you comment about the same random thang! Oky dokey? Here ill try it:

PICKLE JUICE!!!! Don't you just love pickle juice? I know I do! How is pickle juice made? Was it originally cucumber juice? Do the people who make it use pinapples? I like pinapples!! Is there also such thing as pinapple juice? The world may never know!!!! Well I hope you read my questions and ask 'What in the world is wrong with this chick?!'. So now it is time to say....This has been another wonderful moment with sprite!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm happy that i'm finally on here again but i have some bad news on of my pretty fairys has gone with the butterflies to a happier place :(.....but on the good side I'M STILL FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! and just to celebrate my funnyness I made a completely random title...isn't that great!?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

sprite bottle pics - Google Search

sprite bottle pics - Google Search

Farewell Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat is off my list :( Why? Because I accedently earased his name.I shall get over him though! I will go back to liking the Captain. Oh well I'll add a new one later!

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's Been A Bit!

Hi it's been a bit! I was with my friend Queen Pepsi Max! Now time for the funny stuff. I wrote in my diary a few days ago and its time for nick names! I am obsessed with Captain Smart Stuff! I've figured out he also plays football...or at least goes to camp for it! Now theres also Tan and Cute Guy! Hes really tan but really cute! On to Prince Funny Dude! He acts imature but hes funny so hey! Time for Blue Eyed Clown! Really funny but hes getting old :(. Ta-da the Elder! Hes only a year older than me but hes pretty cute! OH NO ITS THE GOLD MINER! You may want to know what that nick name means...but I can't tell you! Now Captain Smart Stuff's look alike so I will name him....Shape Shifter! Pretty cute....although im saying that because he looks like the captain! And last its time for Kitty Cat! Short but funny and coolio hair!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WAIT NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just thought of a different catch fraze...Sprite's Spirit Strikes! Ok that is all!

It's Me Again!

At the creepy learning place back at Fairytown we started a club two days ago...did NOT work out! We got into a fight with five or six other girls who's counting though I mean really! Well enought about me tell me about yourself...oh yeaaaaaaah you can't your on the computer oh well. I came up with a catch fraze I used
awesomegirl22's catch fraze and jazzed it up... Sprite Likes Funny That's Tight! How was that now blink your eyes really fast...I need a TV show! Well goodbye!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spread The News

I understand that not to many peeps have been here so I just need to get this straight...this blog is going to be sorta like a diary not real names but funny nick names that describe peeps! I'll post stories here and there and then some contests too! Actually this is a perfect time for a contest okay then! My contest is that is somebody can come up with a really awesome catch fraze for me then I'll judge them all and the winner gets to see there catch fraze on my pages. All you have to do is comment on this post with your fraze see easy as pie!

Get Tight With Sprite

Hey! This is a brand new blog created by ME! This is how it's gonna' work I'm going to post something and you are going to laugh. Okay, let's practice...My name is Sprite as you can tell by my blog and I am very times (you laugh now). Good now you view my blog. Enter the world of Sprite!!! Later!