All About Me

Fairytown, Bubbleland
Hi my name is Sprite! I have a mom, a dad, and a family. I have a bunch of pets almost 50 in couting oh yeah. Who's awesome...ME! I love to make people laugh even if it is by force! Opps you weren't supposed to know that! Oh well that's me for ya!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi its me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok well now remember one of the first posts I ever posted? of course you do! well I'm over all of those guys! Cause this chick right here has a bofriend!!!!! Time for my random moment!

PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum pumpikn pie! Did you know you make pumpkin pie out of pumpkins?! I never knew that!!! Oh yeah and if you spell it like 'pupkin pie' then I bet it would be made out of puppies!!!!!! POOR PUPPIES!!!!!!!!! Did you know that one christmas I asked for a puppy?! Is Santa Claus real? If you say 'Santa Pie' on a menu then will santa appear on your plate??? The world may never know!!!! Well you have just witnessed another awesomeness random moment with Sprite!