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Fairytown, Bubbleland
Hi my name is Sprite! I have a mom, a dad, and a family. I have a bunch of pets almost 50 in couting oh yeah. Who's awesome...ME! I love to make people laugh even if it is by force! Opps you weren't supposed to know that! Oh well that's me for ya!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Thang

Im gonna make this new thing called a moment with Sprite where im gonna post something comepletely random and then you comment about the same random thang! Oky dokey? Here ill try it:

PICKLE JUICE!!!! Don't you just love pickle juice? I know I do! How is pickle juice made? Was it originally cucumber juice? Do the people who make it use pinapples? I like pinapples!! Is there also such thing as pinapple juice? The world may never know!!!! Well I hope you read my questions and ask 'What in the world is wrong with this chick?!'. So now it is time to say....This has been another wonderful moment with sprite!

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